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Cooking Party Menu Options

For My Birthday!

 The birthday guy or gal will don the special birthday apron and chef hat while learning to prepare a delicious dish with the help of their friends and family!  After cooking for about an hour and a half, enjoy an appetizer followed by the fruits of your labor.  Once dinner  is over, cut a slice out of your personalized birthday cake.  Add $50 for our staff bartender to create a birthday drink just for you!

Starting at $55 per person 

Before I Get Married!

 Your evening will start with each guest preparing their own fancy cocktail under the instruction of our staff bartender.  Once your drinks are ready, it time to start cooking up some fun!  A professional chef will crank up the music while he is teaching you how to prepare a quick, fancy and impressive romantic dinner using ingredients known to be aphrodisiacs  Dancing is not required but certainly encouraged!  You will cook for about an hour and a half.  Afterwards, the chef will plate and serve your creation.  Each guest receives a gift bag to commemorate the date.  The bachelorette receives an extra special gift bag!

Starting at $65 per person

For A Special Date Night!

​Enjoy a charcuterie platter while we open and pour your wine for you.  Unlock the secrets to creating a sensual dinner for two.  The main ingredient is love, which is combined with aphrodisiac foods to create a mouth watering dish.  You will learn how to prepare aphrodisiacs and understand how the stimulate your sexual appetite.  You will cook for an hour and a half.  The chef will then plate and serve your salads and the entrees your prepared at your candlelit table.  A sensuous dessert and romantic decor is also included.  Feel free to feed each other, we don't mind!

 Priced at $200 for one couple, $125 per couple for 2 or more couples
For the Kids!

Children will don chef hats and colorful aprons while they prepare delicious and nutritious dishes under the instruction of a personal chef.  This class engages all of the senses and uses a wide variety of ingredients.  Junior chefs will learn how to use many kitchen utensils,  Cleanliness, kitchen safety and table manners are also reinforced.  We will also introduce geography, international cultures, counting and measuring.   At the end of class the children will enjoy the delicious meal they prepared.  Kiddie cocktails and dessert are included!  Entree options are cheese, chicken or veggie quesadillas or calzones, make your own flatbreads, chicken or veggie pot pies, chicken stir fry, or lasagna rolls.

Starting at $60 per child
Interactive Cooking Demo

 Watch and learn as the chef prepares lunch or dinner for you and your guests!  Class participation is definitely encouraged as the chef will invite a few guests to participate in preparing the dish.  This is a great way to learn some tips and tricks of the professionals without getting your hands dirty!  Lunch or dinner is served after the demo.

 Priced at $45 per person for salad and entree and $55 per person for three courses.